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Embrace our unrivaled level of quality featuring modern conveniences and exquisite interior and exterior design.

These Sackville Upscale Apartments are minutes away from countless offerings such as: restaurants, shopping and other conveniences.

The building is a very impressive addition to the neighbourhood and is Sackville’s first concrete building for residential living


Sackville Nova Scotia is well-known as a family community. It supports many different sports teams and community based organizations. It also has excellent commuting to the major highways and public transit.

249 Sackville Drive
Halifax, NS  B4C 0E1


Designed with the refined tenant in mind, this building boosts stainless steel appliances, custom made blinds for every window and patio door, beautiful floors, air conditioning and sleek modern materials.

  • Concrete construction
  • Secure entrance with FOB access system
  • Heat & air conditioning included
  • Open concept living area
  • Modern large kitchens
  • Large balconies
  • Custom blinds
  • FibreOP network
  • Underground parking & storage available
  • Video surveillance
  • Live-in Management
2 Bedrooms
Unit A - 982 sqft


    t: 902.789.5318
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